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Seminyak restaurants |Taco Beach Grill | tacos
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Seminyak restaurants | Taco Beach Grill | tacos
Desserts and Drinks
Tostadas, Bean Plates, Quesadillas
Taco Bar for 4

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We use nixtimilization to make our corn chips, tortillas, and tamale dough - all right here in Seminyak. It is an ancient Aztec process for converting dried corn into masa, which is the essential material and only way to make an honest corn tortilla. The nixtamil cooking process, which takes over 12 hours, not only improves flavor and aroma, it converts bound niacin into free niacin which is the form that the human body requires, and increases B-vitamins, calcium, zinc and essential amino acids balance. All our sauces, tortillas, doughs are handmade fresh daily and 100% "Hecho en Seminyak!"
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