LOCATIONS: We are easily found in the heart of Seminyak, Bali - very near Queen's Tandoor.

best restaurants Seminyak

Jl. Kunti 1, #6. Seminyak, Bali

0878 616 32 845

From Sunset:
Turn onto Kunti at the light where you find the Pertamina gas station. Pass Bali Deli. Go 300 meters.

From Jalan Seminyak:
Turn onto Kunti. Go 75 meters, passing Warung Italia.


Best restaurants Seminyak.

Our Seminyak, Bali flagship location has recently been expanded to include the adjacent two stores. We now seat up to 50 guests in 7,000 watts of air conditioning or outside in our garden patio, beneath a refreshing micro mist fog cooling system. We place your comfort foremost. We have retained as best we can our decor style which can be described as “Tijuana brothel meets Mexican ghetto chic.”  You will be happy to know we would be one of the nicest Tijuana brothels ever, however.

To visit Taco Beach Grill by car, the best way is to enter Jalan Kunti 1 from Sunset. Jalan Kunti 1 is a one way street for automobiles, but it travels both directions for those arriving via motorcycle.

If you are arriving in a taxi and wish to be delivered to our front door, your driver should know he must enter from Sunset because the street is one way. You will turn onto Kunti at the Pertamina petrol station, then pass Bali Deli. Continue about 200-300 meters past Bali Deli. You will see us on your left, just after restaurant Cabe Rawit, and before Warung Italia. Look for our large lime green  sign with white letters. above the restaurant. You will notice the front of the restaurant is a tropical garden with many hanging plant, and a micro mist cooling system which will shoot a misting fog every minute or so. If you find the garden and mist, you found us.

If you are coming via motorcycle you may enter from other end of the street, at Jalan Raya Basangkasa which is sometimes called Jalan Raya Seminyak. You will pass Warung Italia, and Rolling Fork. We will be on your right hand side. Look for the garden with hanging plants, and the misting fog.

There is adequate on street parking for motorcycles, but parking for automobiles is a bit limited and rather hit and miss during high season.

We no longer have two locations as our restaurant on Batu Belig has been sold and rebranded.

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